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Select A Design

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Step 2

Choose A Fabric

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Step 3

Place Order

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All the Fashion freaks!!! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Getting your desired product with your desired design is as simple as counting one, two, and three.

Step 1. Select your favourite design from thousands of our custom made artworks that are just as eye catchy as they’re colorful.


If you already have selected the design or got it custom made for some occasion, you can get it printed too.

Step 2. After clearing the first step of design selection, come to the second and easy step of selecting the right fabric. We offer you plenty of fabrics to select from.

When everything is done from design to the fabrics, the final step is just update your cart with your selection.

Step 3. Now let us know how much fabric is required for your desired product. In case you are confused about the quantity you require, worry not, we’ve got you covered. We have Fabcurate’s Fabric Estimator which will help you to decide how much of fabric is necessary and then Fabcurate will immediately take your product request and start processing it.

Did we mention that there is no minimum requirement? You can go from one meter to a thousand; it’s all up to you.