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The strong ideology that ignites the spark of passion, of FABCURATE, struck just as a random thought, & later became the vision to make the exclusive fashion segment available to each and every individual personality who loves fashion as much as we do.

Before the launch of FABCURATE, the printing industry was mainly dominated by manufacturers who only encouraged bulk orders. So every person who wanted custom or quality product at an affordable price for any lower order was paying more, because of the stages involved between the manufacturer and the real user. With the launch of FABCURATE, the custom-curated fabric lets you turn your any idea into reality at an affordable price, that too without any requirement of a middleman.


While exploring the huge collection of pre-made designs that our expert fashion designers have curated specifically for you, you'll find the art behind our every work and the immense pride for fashion that makes our every apparel feel glorious & look gorgeous. Our aim is to provide you with the finest fabric quality for any of your desired product, in any quantity. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT. Be it a thousand meters fabric or just one, you can get any of the design of the website or even your customized design printed perfectly on the product you want, without having to pay more of course. It's time to shape a fabric in reality that has always been your dream wardrobe collection.


What is FABCURATE according to you? Is it a fabulous fashion fiesta curated for a fashion freak? Or is it fashion for every soul?

Well, don't get confused, as it is both, curated for specific individuals & at the same time it is dedicated to everyone. There's a room for everyone at FABCURATE. From rainbow colors to an imaginary unicorn, every design & fabric is colored by the ideology of FABCURATE & combining it with the years of experience in this industry, it exceeds your expectations by a large difference. So visit our website with enough time as you may find it hard to select only a few products when every product is your desired product.


Step 1

Select A Design

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Step 2

Choose A Fabric

Select a Fabric of your Choice

Step 3

Place Order

No minimum orders

All the Fashion freaks!!! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Getting your desired product with your desired design is as simple as counting one, two, and three.

Step 1. Select your favourite design from thousands of our custom made artworks that are just as eye catchy as they’re colorful.


If you already have selected the design or got it custom made for some occasion, you can get it printed too.

Step 2. After clearing the first step of design selection, come to the second and easy step of selecting the right fabric. We offer you plenty of fabrics to select from.

When everything is done from design to the fabrics, the final step is just update your cart with your selection.

Step 3. Now let us know how much fabric is required for your desired product. In case you are confused about the quantity you require, worry not, we’ve got you covered. We have Fabcurate’s Fabric Estimator which will help you to decide how much of fabric is necessary and then Fabcurate will immediately take your product request and start processing it.

Did we mention that there is no minimum requirement? You can go from one meter to a thousand; it’s all up to you.

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