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Women’s Day Special- Change in Women’s Fashion Over the Years

Corsets, ball gowns, waist trainers! These are not some huge inventions by scientists. These are pity inventions made for women to achieve the so-called “beauty standards” to look desirable and attractive. It took centuries for people to understand that women do not have to look a certain way to be desirable, she gets attractive with her thoughts, her ambitions, and her aspirations.

These corsets were the symbol of restrictions that were being laid on women back then, metaphorically. But now, at least women are free from all those restrictions. Women wear whatever they want to and there is nothing as liberating as that. She is free.

Let us appreciate how far we’ve come and take a dive into how women’s fashion has evolved.

The early 1900s

For a large part of the early 1900s, there was a dominance of “S- shape” created by the corsets. It focused on pushing the bust forward and the hips backward. Though a thing called health corsets were invented to protect the spine, wearing such silhouette for the entire day resulted in major health issues. Whereas in India, kilos of heavy ornaments were being worn by women on uncomfortable tight blouses to look presentable. The only relief was the fabrics used, which were cotton, linen, wool, and nylon.

The mid-1900s

After “poorn swaraj’ or complete independence from the British, Indians adopted some of their fashion styles. Women started wearing shirts under sarees instead of blouses. This brought a revolution in women’s fashion. Prints were being used, suits came into existence. The restrictions were slightly less in the early 1900s because of the rise in Indian cinema. Fabrics were easy breezy. Fabrics like chiffon, tulle, satin were reserved for the daylight whereas synthetic fabrics like rayon and nylon were reserved for the night.

The late 1900s or early 2000s

With globalization in the picture, the western trend came flying to India and women started wearing jeans and tops which broke numerous belief systems and restrictions. It was a major step woman took to access their rights. This made them free. Women started working, stepping out of the house, accessing things, accomplishing things. This was the start of the new age. Denim and georgette were in a rage during that time.


Now women are liberated more than ever. They have a status in society. So, women are more into power dressing. Pant-suits, pencil skirts, shirts are hyped like crazy. Fabrics like linen, cotton, and corduroy are being used to provide comfort and functionality. For the night, satin and velvet dresses are desirable by ladies.

We agree that even in this era, women and men are not considered as equals, but we are happy that we are getting there and it is showing in the garments women wear. We as a brand do not discriminate against men and women and we believe in equality for all. Catering our most of the services to women, we respect the status of women in society. Happy women’s day to every person who owns the strength and courage like a woman.


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