What not to do?

What not to do?

Being envious & jealous are the new jewels of our generation. Scrolling through the news feed of our social apps, we wish to live the lives of others. Rather than counting blessings, we are sinking in the ship of show-offs. Often, we hide what we feel, and be uncomfortable sharing. We wonder what lavish days our friends are enjoying when we see their posts. But is it true?

'A shopkeeper never shows torn clothes or broken vessels to his customer.' Because he/she wants to make a good impression, right? Likewise, everyone is busy, showing the world, what a beautiful life they are living, but who knows the reality is different from it. The impact of social media is so much, that we are on the verge of being real. Social media has changed from, chatting with your friends to showing off to your friends.

'Satisfying egos by showing off is the new trend.' Who we are to blame though? This culture is free of the pointing game. All are in the race, of being the best socialist. Exaggerating happiness is a new luxury, we are buying. Intentions are clear, we want to make others believe, that they are sitting at home, doing nothing and we are living an A graded life. But, does that even count?

'Quitting social media is not in our hands anymore.' As slavery to social media, we aren't paid in money, we are paid with depression, anxiety, etc. Scrolling through the news feed is becoming a hard task. The fear of not accepting, that someone is having a more materialistic life than us, has flooded the minds of people.

'Fake people are what people accept in their lives.' Try to be real with someone, they won't accept you. They just don't want you to be original when you can be the one as you pretended on your 'Instagram.' Dare to be real! Individually we are fighting our own battles, the war that cannot be in the headlines. Being depressed, but still trying to smile for the picture you want to share on your feed, do you have to do it? It's good to smile when we are going through pain, but there is a difference. Your fake smile is for your friends, who can't see you on a lower level, because you and only you are responsible for that impression, period.

The world has changed immensely and the way it is going is directionless. Power and fame are the tools that are become more usable rather than peace and privacy. We are looking with so many perspectives to the same world. The race for humans to achieve what they desire has not a finishing line. The best we can think of is what’s best for us. To keep the needs low and not compare ourselves to others and feel low. Life is a journey to enjoy, not a mission to accomplish something.

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