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Ways to look like a Bollywood diva

From Sushmita’s red chiffon saree from ‘main hunna’ to Deepika’s electric blue saree from ‘yehjawanihaideewani’, Bollywood has served quite a few eccentric looks and we sure have rooted for them. And on top of that, we’ve tried replicating these looks at least once. But it is not as easy as it sounds. These Bollywood divas take an elephant size team to achieve these looks and the most important part is played by the designers.

So, replicating the designers who are well trained and educated can be a task. Choosing the fabric, embellishments, getting it stitched is really a lot. But, what if we simplify the most difficult part for you- choosing the right fabric. It then will be a piece of cake. Why? Because then you’d get a correct base to work with.

There are few fabrics which are commonly used by the B-town designers and you can use them too.


Silk is the one fabric that has been in trend for forever and it definitely is not fading out. Silk has always been associated with luxury and has been attainable to only a few. Talking about luxury, who else can define luxury as aptly as a B-town diva. These Bollywood actresses lift their luxurious aura by slipping into a silk saree. You can too achieve the same feeling by simply wearing some silk.

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The lives of Bollywood stars seem super glamorous, right? But, it is not, they have to work super hard just like ourselves. Shooting, promotion, and whatnot. And to ace these things like a pro, they need comfort. And what’s better than an outfit made of georgette to slay with the feeling of comfort. Georgette is lightweight, it is breathable, has a beautiful natural texture and above all, it has sheerness which provides the added hotness to the overall attire. 

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Gowns are a big-time choice of celebrity stylists. Why? Because it looks chic and classy at the same time, chiffon gowns specifically. It has a texture of its own, it is a strong fabric, it has amazing drapability and fall, and some amount of sheerness. A good fall is what a gown or a dress or saree desires. Chiffon also saves these celebrities from carrying all those heavyweight fabrics which pull them down. Fashion seems easy with chiffon. 

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Be it a brunch look, or an airport look, or a tea party (gossip party) with some friends, cotton is their go to fabric choice. Needless to say, it is comfortable, feels cool, looks cool, and is super breathable. Cotton is always a good choice. You can go for a cotton t-shirt or a classic co-ord set or can go full traditional and wear a kurta. You are going to be the coolest Bollywood inspired person after styling cotton. 

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Parties and Bollywood are the two sides of a coin. There are more number of parties in the Bollywood industry then the number of films. And in the era where paparazzi are on their head all the time, they have to up their fashion game. No one can take out sequins outfits from parties. Take your inspiration from the top-notch designer sequins outfits to be the star in your parties.

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Now that you’ve got the secret of high-end fashion designers, you can use it to your benefit and flaunt your beautiful selves. To provide you much more ease Fabcurate has all types of Fabrics which you can use to modify yourself into a celebrity. Sequins, cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, you name it, Fabcurate has it. 

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