The Growing Demand for Unique Fabrics in India and Abroad

The Growing Demand for Unique Fabrics in India and Abroad


We are encountering an era of Demand and Supply. The number of consumers is expanding. The demand for everything is soaring at an exponential rate & so is the supply. The textile industry is one of the prominent industries, with the perspective of manufacturing & exporting. Historically, fabric manufacturing has been an ancient tradition, that has been embraced by most parts of the country. India is one of the largest manufacturers of fabrics, it holds a distinctive place in the Textile world.

India's textile and apparel industry accounts for 5% of its GDP, 7% of its value-added output, and 12% of its export earnings. Achieving these numbers is a milestone for any industry. We will not see a decline in fashion & style. So the demand is always going to be high. 45 million people are directly employed in the textile industry. India is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 20% for the next 5 years, and in terms of money, it would be USD 300 billion. The overall demand for PPE kits has increased by the impact of Covid-19, and that has inflated the production of such fabrics. 


 The global textile industry influences every human being on the planet. The Global Textile Industry is currently worth approximately, US $3 trillion and includes production, refinement, and sale of both artificial and non-artificial fibers. The Western Countries are contributing 32.1 % to the textile export followed by Asian countries. Every part of the world has different requirements and so it gives a window of opportunities for the manufacturers to produce varieties of fabrics. 2% of Global Domestic Product is accounted by the textile industry. As of 2020-21, the textiles and garments industry was worth $103.4 billion. By 2025-26, it is forecast to reach $190 billion. These numbers are proof itself, that no matter the circumstances, these demands are going to rise, eventually. An amalgamation of Art & Style is a fabric. The process of exporting fabrics has become easier. With the help of technology and a proper communication system, everyone is trying to sell the fabrics worldwide.


Coming across the demand, let’s talk about supply. Fabcurate is based in Surat, the textile hub of India. Fabcurate was founded with the sole purpose of delivering the kind of fabrics people want. Keeping in style, fast conveyance, and versatility are the salient features of Fabcurate. Online fabrics stores are outstretching the cliff, which was never climbed. Fashion influenced people, don’t vacillate in trying something new and Fabcurate is the answer to all their questions. It offers the customers to choose their design and the same will be imprinted on the fabrics they desire. Plain, designed, pleated, sarees of the latest style, you just name it and Fabcurate has it all. Fashion is evolving at a fast pace, and no one wants to look ordinary anymore. It’s the type of fabrics, the way we wear and the way we show, and all these are just a cup of tea for Fabcurate. They know, the kind of fabrics people want, and the designs are chosen accordingly. Regardless of the quantity, the quality is never messed with.


 Consumer demand is being met by a variety of start-ups and growing industries. Business is growing and it will for a long time, as we are not going to let our heart be out of date, seeing so much of style in the surrounding. Fabric shops and online stores have been significantly increased in number. Demand is a variable thing, and so is the contribution. The one thing that is clear is that there is no shortage of enthusiasm in the fabric industry. In order to keep supply flowing, there are thousands of physical stores and hundreds of online shops. It is not easy to keep up with the constant innovations in the field of fabrics, but that is what industries must do. In the context of our culture & tradition, fabrics play an integral role. We can best express our culture through the clothes we wear, and the way we wear them. Fabric industries are holding up for a long time and nothing is ceasing the progress it is making and will in near future.

Image Source- Pinterest.

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