Tech and Fabrics!

Tech and Fabrics!

Technologies have changed our world completely. They have proved to be the pillar of modern-day businesses and innovations that are helpful in our day-to-day lives. Advancements in the latest technologies have proven that there is always a scope for doing better. Only the skilled artisans and prominent places having a history of fabrics are doing good work towards continuing the Indian Crafts. Technology has overshadowed all the manual manufacturing processes. It’s easy to buy the machine and let it do the work, rather than going through the long process of making the fabrics precisely. There have been many innovative inventions to make the fabrics more comfortable and stylish. 

1)Recycling of fabrics 

Previously the wastage of the fabrics was not used and was thrown away. But with the ability of now, converting those wastage fabrics into something new and stylish is the new trend. People are more focused on not letting anything go in vain, and hence, they make stoles, scarves, scrunchies, aprons, and many more from the fabrics, that were left after making the desired attires. 

2)Textile Dyeing

Typically cotton requires 200 liters of water to dye, and that’s a lot. The same goes for other fabrics, the number may vary but they do require water. And to conserve the water, it was necessary to find an alternative. And with the latest machines and innovations, now it requires less water compared to the previous amount of water that was used. Tech companies are working and creating a dyeing method in which the fabric is dyed properly without using more water. 

3)Nanotechnology in fabrics 

Nanomaterials in textiles have proved to be very useful in the manufacturing of fabrics. Mostly used in producing the protective garments in emergency services for people, such as military personnel, firefighters, and medical workers. They are also used as coating material after the fabric is manufactured. It is also used in making the fabric fire-resistant and water-resistant. Nanotechnology is the most latest advancement in the field of textile. The way it is going, there will be methods of producing fabrics that are unpredictable and would stun everyone. Antiwrinkle fabric, Ultraviolet protective fabric, Odor-free fabric, are some of the fabrics that are made with the help of nanotechnology. 


3-D printing is now done on the fabric, to make the appearance more realistic and alluring. All it requires is to set the machine as per our preference. Embroidery methods have been evolved a lot. Embroidery is done with the help of machines. Color combinations and everything is done with the use of technology and the final product is made.

 Adaptation and appreciation are what require us to accept the technology in our lives. They ease the process with the initial investment and give returns in a quick time. Those who have adopted the latest technologies have grown in the market. It is not an option for the business owners anymore, it has become mandatory to be stable in the competitive market. 


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