Sustainability is the new trend, follow it.

The world is a confusing place to live in. Some companies are launching a new collection every week and some influencers are switching to sustainable living. We often tend to baffle between the ongoing deeds. We often think that sustainability is another crazy fad that will fade away, but let me tell you that it won’t. 

Sustainability is the future. We were made aware of this term in our early lives in our schools, but it’s no more just a term, it’s a way of living. The need to be sustainable is more than ever now with the boom of online shopping. We can order hundreds of commodities with just a click without thinking of the consequences. We need to stop hoarding and adopt strict measures for the same. 

Being an e-commerce industry ourselves, we at Fabcurate try our best to bring sustainable measures to our system. We believe to strive for sustainability; companies and consumers should come to an alliance. Let’s go through how we can at least come to the path of sustainability. 

Print is the new plain.


There is an ongoing trend that makes prints acquire the topmost position. It takes an insane amount of water to make those prints come to life. There is a need to transition the majority of the prints from traditional wet printing to reduce fabric wastage and allow the flexibility to run the different scale of operations. Digital printing reduces water wastage because the fabric doesn’t need as many wash/ rinse cycles. Look for companies that use digital print over traditional one and, you can enjoy your print-on-print outfit without any burden on your shoulders.

Organic is the future.

Organic fruits and veggies are insanely healthy. We all are demanding that nowadays to improve the quality of our health. And what about the health of our planet? Production of normal fabrics emits tons of carbon footprints which severely harm the environment. Switching to organic fabrics is a smart rather important choice. Why? Because

  • Reduces environmental footprint.
  • Promotes safe work and better livelihood
  • Model for the future

Choose organic for better health inside out. 

Be the green sheep! 

Go for natural instead of synthetic dyes, natural dyes have to hold untold importance in our lives for thousands of years, providing not only aesthetic satisfaction but utilitarian uses as well. Another interesting advantage of natural dyes is that they provide higher UV absorption in the fabrics they are used on. By wearing clothes dyed naturally, you can more fully protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. We all want flawless skin, so go for green guys. 

Old is gold.

Most ancient textile art forms are eco-friendly. So it is with hand block printing. Every aspect of its process involves sustainable practices that not just respect the planet, but celebrate it too. Thus, each block printed fabric is nothing less than a piece of art that speaks of its uniqueness, and also carries a message of sustainable fashion. The spirit of ancient art is beyond comparison, so we as a new generation should explore it.

Change won’t happen within a blink

As consumers, we must take steps to change the way the world functions. You can do that by a wash in cold water, skip the dryer, treat stains the right way, and last but not the least, store your clothes properly.

If we come together to join hands, we can make a difference. We can leave the worth full for our future generations. We can dress for the better, for improvement. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle and we can adapt that.

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