Saying NO is the best thing to do sometimes.

Saying NO is the best thing to do sometimes.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, in which you are trapped just because you committed to someone, that you will do something for them? Be it friends, family or colleagues, or any human that you care about, our words and actions based on those words sometimes, take us into a perplexing situation. Then we regret, that it would have been better if we could have just simply said, ‘NO.’ 


Saying NO is an art, the most beautiful art of not getting involved unnecessarily in worse scenarios. Just for the sake of saving the bond or relationship, we are often obliged to do things, that we don’t want to do in the first place. This happens because of the soft corner of maybe the shyness or the embarrassment that saying ‘NO’ will bring into our lives. But is it worth it? 

Be Clear!
Be clear about your intentions, and be sumptuous with what you feel. It’s not called being selfish, it’s called stating what you think. Don’t be a people pleaser, it doesn’t bring happiness, it brings troubles, Period! When you are asked of doing something or get on a trip, spend the weekend together, have a night out with friends, but all you just want to do is sit at your home, read a book, watch the television, take rest because you had a hard week, spend time with your family, then it’s better to say them ‘NO.’ It's the self-empowerment tool that you build for yourself. 

Do Not Explain!

One of the greatest mistakes, that we do is explaining our situation to people, unnecessarily. It’s like you give your clarifications standing in a court. Just don’t, period! Be clear, confident, consistent, and concise. It’s not necessary to provide a lot of information about yourself to people. 

If you are confused about the things that you should do or don’t, then take time for reaching to a decision. Get the things in order so that they are comfortable for you first. Don’t compromise yourself for the betterment of others. Think about the consequences it will bring by saying Yes to people when you can simply avoid by saying NO.

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