Say Hello to the new world!

Say Hello to the new world!

                 Our job holidays will no longer be a cause for grumbling. Haven't we had enough relaxing time during a lockdown? Then we got bored and slackened off. We weren't even entertained by our smartphones or televisions to our satisfaction. No matter what you are doing, it's exhausting to follow the same routine for long periods of time, regardless of whether you're working continuously or relaxing freely. Our perspective on life has been constantly altered by the Coronavirus. It has made us appreciate life, family, and friends. Our condolences go out to the families of those who are no longer with us. Rather than traveling, people are more concerned with their livelihood.

                        Coronavirus survivors are fortunate, but does that provide enough protection? In the quest for survival alone, there is at most no difference between humans and animals. It is imperative that we divert our attention. Despite what some may think, this was one of the most vicious battles between humans and nature. As we watch people die in front of us, Covid+ patients being separated from their families, jobs being lost, and businesses being drowned under the river, our hearts are broken. We have to accept the fact that no matter how far technology advances, destiny will always remain unchangeable. 

                   Our research and development budget was not enough, even after spending billions. Even though some might believe the war is over, it isn't. Unless we wish it to. In the wake of a catastrophe, we tend to forget how helpless we were. Having slowed down, we are finding it difficult to get back into our new lives. We should not forget the unfortunate events that transpired, and we must be careful not to assume that Covid will never return. The vaccine comes first; our actions come next. Taking no proactive precautions will only lead to more disasters. Make sure you look after yourself now so that you can enjoy life in the future.


1.Traveling would be different


Travel is now prohibited without a negative Covid report. Plan delays, so do our lives. Some are hustling to get the travel tickets, and some for hotel bookings. People are no longer looking for hospitals beds, as their search criteria shifted in the last few weeks, while the bed remains the same, the hospital changed to hotels. Blaming the travelers, however, is not fully justified. Psychologically, staying in the same place for a long time can be draining. 

2.Work & Classes from home.

What a surprise: parents and teachers insist on their children and students using mobile phones whilst studying? It's taught us one thing, it's not smartphones that dictate how we should use them. It's us who decide how one should use technology. Humans today cannot imagine life without their smartphones. From the poorest to the richest, they carry their second world with them. Maybe if there were no phones, online classes would simply not have existed. Both teachers and students may have suffered. The Internet & laptop have allowed for safe working. Covid has proved to be very influential in the work-from-home industry. This is good, as it allows for safety while working. 

3.Better health facilities


As a result of these times, we have learned that health is wealth. We have seen rich people drown or die after not getting proper care, just like the rest of us. It is natural for nature to look at people without discrimination. Our health facilities have greatly improved and remain in upgrading mode. Lack of beds and wards is far worse than lack of traveling and comfort. 

4.Always save money!

In today's economy, saving has become a necessity. Those who have not had enough, only know how difficult it was to live. As money says, 'Saving me today will save you tomorrow. The world understands only a language of money; save enough to cover your basic needs. It's better to have independence than to rely on others. 

5.Keep the future in mind.

It's up to us what we decide, so choose reality rather than fantasyland. There is going to be tomorrow, so plan it well in the present. If we don't plan for the future, it brings misery. 

              Humans should be valued over material possessions. In spite of partially destroying our world, this virus has taught us many things. Life is unpredictable, there is no stability. Live every day with full enthusiasm, as we are merely guests on this planet. 

Image Source- Pinterest.

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