Recycled fabrics: Apron & Scrunchies

Recycled fabrics: Apron & Scrunchies

Fabrics aren’t about just wearing and styling. Its uses are immense and have been proved universally. It has always been a question of what to do with the fabrics that remain after taking into use the desired length. So, Fabcurate has come with a solution and has launched its new collection of Apron & Scrunchies.

Creativity is at its best when recycled products are designed for the purpose. Trying something new never goes out of style. Directing the proper use of fabrics should be the utmost duty of any fabric company. Apron & Scrunchies are the accessories that are required by the woman.  The Apron collection is coming soon and the Scrunchies collection has been launched already. Don’t hold your horses and have a look at it.

 Apron- Coming Soon!

The apron is kind of a gadget that is designed and made to ease the work of women/men working hard in the kitchen to get the food ready. The splashes and dirt might get stick to the good clothes they are wearing and hence to protect them from all those, an apron is a must. But simplicity with fabrics is not a good option. So to make the fabric better we have designed it specifically so that each one of them can be utilized properly.

The first design is the simple apron having a big pocket at the front and supported by a neckband edging to the waist. The necessary kitchen appliances are kept in the pocket and hence it makes the work easy. The second kind is the apron having a front pocket, side pocket, and spoons or knives that can be rested on the fabric that is stitched just beside the pocket. The third kind of design is the most versatile, as this apron can be worn on either side. Various appliances like spoons, hand blenders, etc. can be kept in a large pocket on the front side, and spoons, blenders can be rested at a fabric stand line made. On the other side is a pocket to withheld all the necessary appliances. with a waistband extending the neckband.


Scrunchies are the new style of tying your hair instead of a rubber band which has become outdated.  They are made in such a way that the overall look and personality are enhanced with colorful and blissful Scrunchies. Yes? You are thinking it right. Fabcurate has not kept things simple in this collection too. So there will be many categories in which the Scrunchies are divided. The first one is the simple Scrunchies that you can have, by selecting your favorite colors. The second pack consists of multiple Scrunchies kept together of different colors and made from different fabrics, giving you the kind of look that you want at every event. The third category is a combo pack, which consists of ribbon Scrunchies, tie Scrunchies, a headband, and a potli bag.  All in one combo pack to take your style to the next level.

Fabcurate is going to launch these collections to give their customers full service so that nothing is left behind. The demand should always be met and that’s how the priorities are set. Do not hesitate in trying something new and always keep updating your looks. Arriving late is okay but arriving without style is considered to be bad.

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