The festival of Raksha-Bandhan celebrates the union of brothers and sisters. It is a festival celebrated on full moon day (Purnima). A day that is dedicated to all the fondness of siblings, cousins, and the relation that has a unique importance in everyone's life. It has been celebrated for centuries now, and it depicts a true blond that has been developed over the years between brothers and sisters.

In this tradition, sisters of all ages tie a talisman, or amulet, around the wrists of their brothers, symbolically protecting them, and receiving a gift in return; in return, they invest their brothers with part of the responsibility of watching over them. This day is so significant, that some people travel miles and some even fly abroad or some come from foreign countries, just to celebrate this bond of brothers-sisters.

This festival is not limited to only the known ones. Technology and the modern world have integrated this tradition and movies including the scenes of tying rakhi have promoted this a lot. In some places, for people who are not even blood related, a voluntary kin relation is observed.

The sisters prepare Pooja thali for the festival of Raksha Bandhan with diyas, kumkum, rice, and sweets. As they worship the gods and bind rakhi on the wrists of their brothers, they wish for their happiness. Cooking sweets and foods with a variety of flavors are done at home to share the joy of this day.

We are expanding across the world at a rapid pace. Population growth has accelerated over the past few decades. Our journey from one place to another is driven by the desire to live a better life. Several people move along with their entire families and some move alone and leave behind loved ones. Every year, Raksha-Bandhan is a day of a family reunion that brings smiles to face that hasn't been seen for months.

The most difficult part of this day is choosing what gift to give sisters to thank them for their contributions to making our lives easier. So, in order to curb this problem, Fabcurate has launched a Rakhi sale to promote love and goodwill among siblings. Show your sisters much you care by choosing the finest fabrics from a wide selection. The fabrics are discounted to reduce the burden and to make the budget more affordable.

In this fast-moving world, festivals have become a medium to connect families & friends. These days should be welcomed and cherished with full enthusiasm and happy nature. As humans the most precious gifts that we are blessed with from nature are families. Celebrating anything without them always feels something is lacking. Our true carriers of emotions and love our family. Since the establishment of human civilization, a replacement of everything has been found except our dearest ones, that stay with us from birth till death. Hence, a festival like Raksha Bandhan should be celebrated with them.

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