Pleated fabrics!

Pleated fabrics!

Pleated Fabric Pleated fabrics are one of a kind, in the way that they appear. The gracious fall of this fabric is mesmerizing in every way. It has been the trendy fabric for so long and its craze is not going to cease, anytime soon. Designers use pleats in their designs for both practical reasons, for example, to provide freedom of movement to the wearer, as well as for purely stylistic reasons.

How is pleating done?
Fabric is pleated by sandwiching it between two sheets of cards that have been set flat on a table. The sandwich is made up of the lower card, the fabric, and the upper card. After that, they are shaped and tightly rolled. The package is then placed in a steam cabinet to heat the fabric and set it into the desired form. An outer wrapping is utilized to cover the package during this time.

Shirts, blouses, jackets
To allow for mobility, shirts and blouses frequently include pleats on the back and on the arm where the sleeve tapers to the cuff. The typical men's shirt features one basic pleat on either side of the back or one box pleat in the center, right below the shoulder.


Diverse types of pleats can be added to skirts, dresses, and kilts to provide fullness at the waist, hips, or hem, to allow for mobility, or to produce certain design effects.


The front of the garment typically has pleats right below the waistband in various official and informal designs, such as khakis and suit pants. One, two, three, or no pleats, facing either way, are all possible. Reverse pleats are those that open in the direction of the pockets (common on khakis and corduroy pants), while forward pleats are those that open in the direction of the zipper.


The sarees made from pleated fabrics have prominent features that are well appreciated in the fashion world. They look alluring all over the fabric and their impact is quite remarkable. One can wear pleated sarees during wedding functions, occasions, etc.

There are various types of pleats done, depending on the requirements. For examples, Inverted pleat, Knife pleat, Pin-tuck pleat, etc. Each pleat can be recognized just by looking at the fabric. Pleated fabrics are the luxury and stylish fabrics that deserve a place in your wardrobe.
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