Great News for everyone, as we have launched our new brand NEOFAA, an Indian brand for Western wear. From Tops to Bottoms, from Shirts to Gowns, Jumpsuits, Accessories and many more are included in our store. It’s the destination for your most exciting shopping. 

Why did NEOFAA come into existence?

Our customers at Fabcurate were inquiring and requesting a lot about stitched clothes. Some were suggesting that Fabcurate has all in-built manufacturing processes, such as Designing, Printing, and Customization, so the costing of the apparels would be comparatively less and it would be beneficial for them. And so to expand our customer base and to keep the already existing customers feel great to be connected with us, we are launching NEOFAA. 

 Being in the field of fashion, lead us to discover that people are looking for something comfy yet stylish, something that touches their soul and feels soothing to the eyes. With fashion trends getting changed, we are here to give sustainability. 

 NEOFAA is for someone who likes to live in trends, groove in fashion, and mark an impression! Our collection is versatile and one can shop for casual days, office looks, parties, holidays, and any special occasion. We got it all covered for you. Making the Western wear as per our Indian culture, so it keeps you classy with elegance and be a style resemblance. 


 We even have the option of customizing your style. Be the designer of your clothes and you can share the same design with us and we will make the apparel as per your demands. 

Most of the Western wear companies/brands in India that are in the business of fashion, import most of their products and eventually leading to higher costs. We want fashion and style to be equally available for all. No one should feel the discrimination of not getting the kind of attire they desire. From raw materials to their manufacturing, from designing to stitching everything is done by us, which leads to reducing the costs. And also the qualities are similar to the Top brands.

Why choose NEOFAA for shopping?


There are numerous for choosing us for your perfect shopping- 

1) Interface is made to be compatible with every customer for fun shopping!

 2) Amazing quality.

3) Wide collection of Women’s apparel and accessories.
4) Customer interaction with our team.

We are here to give you the advantage of our years of experience. Shopping from us will surely make your experience much greater. We will keep updating our collections and every apparel is made with precision and dedication to give a perfect look. 





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