The Navratri festival is the celebration of the defeat of Mahishasura by Goddess Durga signifies the victory of good over evil. Some people observe fast. On the last day, they perform Durga Pooja and break their fast. The festival is associated with the prominent battle that took place between Durga and the demon Mahishasura. The nine days are dedicated to Durga and eight avatars- the Navadurga. 

Navratri is one of the biggest cherished festivals of India. The way of celebration in a different region differs. The most common way of celebrating Navratri is by performing the ‘Garba’ dance. Especially, the people of Gujarat are very fond of Garba. After the pandemic, this is going to be a much-awaited festival, as people will be celebrating with more enthusiasm and happiness. The last year was a complete mess, as we were dealing with the Coronavirus. But this year government has allowed playing Garba with certain rules and regulations. It’s good to see that people are coming back to the normal routine of their lives. 

Families, friends, and neighbors get accommodated at one place for a couple of hours to perform Pooja and Garba dance. People wait for this festival to get into the ethnic dresses and do a dance with their loved ones. Navratri is full of colorful traditional dresses and the Indian culture is so well depicted, that even the foreigners have started adopting this dance form and celebrate Navratri. The impact of this festival is far more than one can imagine. The people of the Indian community have widespread the reach of our culture and it has influenced all over. 

Navratri- food 

Some food enthusiastic people get indulge themselves in the tasteful and delicious vegetarian dishes. The food is well cooked and decorated, keeping the theme of Navratri in mind. All the restaurants and hotels add special food dishes during Navratri.

Navratri- Music

During Navratri pure traditional and cultural music is incorporated, excluding all the peppy numbers booming up the speakers. This festival gives you a chance to set your feet up on Dandiya music.


There is always a festive shopping vibe during Navratri. People rush out to the shopping centers and on online websites to buy their favorite dresses. Special Navratri collection is added to attract more customers and people are out searching for the best outfits during Navratri. Demand for cultural dresses is more as people wear them while performing Garba dance.

Navratri-Impact on lives

Navratri brings core happiness to our hearts when we see the lightings done to our homes, society, and neighbors. It gives us hope in life, that even the darkest hours of our lives can be enlightened. The feeling of festivity surely brings a feeling of oneness and attachment with our loved ones. It makes us respect the Indian culture even more, with its diversified nature. 

Rules and regulations that are imposed by the Government should be considered in mind and followed. We should not invite another pandemic hit to our normal lives. ‘Wear a mask and then play’. Do not exceed the time limit formulated by the government. The rules have been formed for the safety of people. 


Image source- Pinterest

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