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Monsoon Fashion Tips 2019

Monsoon has finally knocked on our doors and we're happier than ever. Chilling summer vibes are over and so are beat the heat trends. But what remains constant is our love for fashion and each unique trend that comes with it. So get ready to showcase your brand new fashion look and give your wardrobe a new makeover. Head over to our apparel segment after drenching out the essence of Monsoon fashion from this beautiful piece of information.

1. Umbrella Please!

In this modern era where even living is a form of art, your presence should be full of fashion statements that maintain your image as a fashion guru and any random accessories is a big NO this monsoon. That includes shoes, bags & even umbrella. Choosing vibrant colors for your umbrella is good but make sure it also blends in completely with the outfit to give you the desired output, or it should go all out to bring the very diversity in your overall look.

2. Home time: Washing time

Monsoon always brings not just rain but plenty of issues with it, which is not bad but requires more efforts to stay shiny, smell amazing & feel fashionable. During rain, even if we have raincoat or umbrella, there are plenty of chances of us ending up drenched in droplets of nature, rain.

And while as much as we love to dance in the rain, we equally go mad when our clothes start smelling bad. Now we want you to go out and explore those tiny moments but not at the cost of leaving fashion of this beautiful season. So go home & wash your clothes but little differently this time. Make sure to use scented water so that any strong or light smell would happily leave your clothes and the beautiful smell would take their rightful place and then whenever you meet someone, they can feel the unique fashion vibe that you produce.

3. What should you wear?

If it's raining outside and you have to go by any mean then you're suggested to choose leggings/tights over jeans because the usual jeans contain porous material which is not an ideal choice for a rainy season because the thick fabric used in it, keeps moisture intact thus resulting in taking longer time to dry.

Something that you should wear this season is the clothes that are made of synthetic. Synthetic clothes are specially produced in a manner that they dry quicker than other fabrics. Also, flip flops, rubber sandals or leather boots would complement the overall look and will also be helpful as they can fight not only water but also the mud, and if you use water resistance spray over it, you're all set to go out.

After these monsoon fashion tips, you're all geared up to be the fashion guru so head up to our website because your wardrobe is expecting new guests after all.

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