Modern Styling with Fabrics

Modern Styling with Fabrics

Trends are part of our lives and bring out our culture by various means. Adapting them creates a whole new environment. Often, we judge people by their style, the way they dress up themselves, speaks a lot about them. Casuals are cool, formals are preferred for office, but what is that one genre, which is perfect for every venue? Fabrics can be articulated in every one of them.

   1. The Office Look.

People are very finicky when it comes to their office garbs. Because they want to make a good impression, to their colleagues & superiors but are baffled. They don’t know the genuine way to assemble themselves for office. Women and Men, both are the victims of it, but it can be steered clear of. But Fabrics, are the attested way to dress up yourselves. Let’s look at some office styles.

  •  For Men- Oxford

Oxford clothing is the latest trend for Men, and carry a ‘one step forward’ level of style along with them. It is breathable, and offers comfortability. Catches the attraction of eyes, yet remains sober and congenial. Shirts, Blazers, formals are the best features of Oxford fabric.

  • For Women- Rayon


Rayon is a soft, versatile fiber and is widely claimed to have the same solace properties as natural fibers. Women are more fastidious, for going out in public. And Rayon fabric is the one called for. They can make trousers, skirts, modern sarees, and noticeably more out of this fabric. Gone are the days, when ‘being bounded’ was a choice, now ‘unbounded’ is the new motion.


   2. Marriage Look

Marriage ceremonies are not only for the bride & groom. It’s for everyone, related to them too. An important day requires a unique kind of dress too. The dress doesn’t speak, but they carry the warmth of unifying each other. The better you look, the better is your connection with the bride or groom. Style yourselves for the wedding, by going through the following fabrics.

  • For Men- Silk

Silk is one of the primeval fabrics. Made naturally, it has witnessed the revolution of the human race, along with their way of wearing. Grooms love silk, not only because they trust it. But, it gives them a feeling of being distinctive and elevated. Jodhpuri blazer, four-piece suit have now become a part of marriage ceremonies and none other is better than Silk Fabric to make them. 

  • For Women- Embroidered

Indo-western, Gowns, Lehengas, are the trends, that will never go away. Embroidered fabrics are unadulterated artwork, embellished with thread, yarns, pearls, and more. Women adore embroidery works, as, it adds creativity. Blouses, the designer dress which is so much in demand, can be made from this fabric.

   3. Casual Wear

Casual wear is appraised as relaxed, occasional, and suited for every use. Either we have to go to a party or for holidays, casuals are the ones we carry, in our bags. It is unjustifiable to say that, it’s a trend or style, it’s obligatory for everyone. Casual wears are the master key of the dress lock, suited for every place.

  • For Men- Denim

Adapted from western culture, there isn’t any corner of the world, where Denim, is not worn by Men. Some things, never go out of style and Denim is one of them. Jeans, shirts, jackets, bags, accessories are some of its admirable products. It enhances the looks, by just sticking to your body. Shifting from conventional to modern attires, would not have been possible without the introduction of Denim, in the fashion world.

  • For Women- Organza

Fashionable women strive for creativity with maturity and something perfect, but not too fancy, and that can be obtained from Organza fabric. Saree, jumpsuits, jackets, etc. can be fabricated manufactured from it. Women have all the rights to be selective, with their dresses and organza will narrow out their ranges.

      Bringing out the best in oneself somehow depends on the way they present themselves. It is a confidence booster. Fabrics stick to your body just as soul, but from the outside. Accepting new things should be as much appreciated as continuing the typical culture.

 Image references: By Self, Pinterest. 


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