Making Traditional Fabrics Popular!

Making Traditional Fabrics Popular!


When it comes to traditional fabrics, they have always held a unique place in the fashion industry. Our culture is highly celebrated and integrated by using fabrics that have been prominent throughout our history. The question is if the latest style and designs are not giving that importance to the traditional fabrics. With the advancement in technologies, a new way of making and selling fabrics is explored now and then. People have shifted from one fabric to another and will continue to do so, as their preferences are not fixed and changes are inevitable. But these traditional fabrics, need to be promoted and various ways have been adopted in doing so. 

1)Fashion shows 
Fashion shows are the best medium for getting the fabrics in limelight. Fashion shows have had a great influence on people in terms of style and setting new trends. Media coverage and magazines always capture such events and they promote at a standard level. Many fashion designers have displayed fabrics such as Ikat, Indigo, Ajrakh, and many more. The kind of impact that made on the people is unmatchable. A touch of culture always gives a soothing feeling to the eye.

2)Social Media 
Facebook, Instagram, and many other social applications have become a medium of advertising products. Online stores are the new trends. And people advertise and promote their products online, which helps them get more customers. People of every generation are now active on social media, and when the fabrics are displayed regularly on their screen, it draws their attention. There are many stores, startups that have taken advantage of promoting the fabrics online. It is the best source to get the customers and all you have to do is display the kind of products that one needs.

3)Virtual is the new reality
Technology has advanced the way we think and the way the world works. VAR’s have been used to promote fabrics. The audience could wear it and watch the fashion show by sitting at a different location. Big online stores have made software, where the customers can upload their photos and click on the fabric they want to check on themselves. In return, the software will display a photo of the customer wearing the same fabrics as listed on the website.

4) International Market

Cotton, Silk, Banarasi, and many other traditional fabrics have been best-selling in the international market due to their respective characteristics. The barrier between the seller and buyer has been reduced a lot. Promoting fabrics at an international level is becoming quite common. People all over the world are fond of Indian Crafts and history has proven it every time. A system is followed in advertising the products internationally. Public relations marketing is one way of getting a hold of the market.

Traditional fabrics are a key feature of the modern fashion world. They will always hold their place in our lives. Festivals and marriages are incomplete without traditional fabrics and this has always led to the demand of such fabrics at the top. No doubt that modern fabrics are competitive, but it’s all about a choice and the preferences of the customers.

Image Source- Pinterest

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