Looking Back to 2021!

Looking Back to 2021!


Though remembering the past is highly non-recommendable but cherishing the memories sometimes brings happiness. 2021 was a year full of surprises. For some it was good and for some, it was worse. While we were still trying to figure out how to come out of the repercussions of the first coronavirus outbreak, we were hit by the second wave of the pandemic. There was a surge in cases and it was rising every day. People trembled with this news and the kind of situation we were in was very dangerous. There was a partial lockdown but it hit many businesses such as Hotels, tourism, traveling, and many more. 

People were losing their job and everyone was affected by it. When the effect of the wave seemed to decline, we were trying to come back to our normal lives. It’s like the world has changed, now we see it as two different perspectives, before and after the pandemic. People have shifted from offline to online shopping. Cryptocurrency has become the new trend. People started investing in share markets, thinking of securing their future. 

We saw a tsunami of start-ups in India and many of them became unicorns, that is a huge milestone. The movie industry is also coming back to track these days. As more movies are released in the theatres and also the OTT platforms have gained huge popularity. We have started celebrating festivals again with more enthusiasm. Schools have reopened and life is coming back to normal. We made a record of getting 100 crore doses of vaccination and that has helped to be safe from the virus. 

New opportunities were arriving and business was taking a pace. The economy was rising and that motivated people a lot. Cricket was one of the factors this year for diverting the mindset of people from bad to good things. Indian Premier League(IPL), kept people busy and entertained, and also T-20 world cup happened this year. Football is now being played in presence of a crowd too. Earlier due to the pandemic, people were not allowed to watch matches in the stadium. 

International flights have been started and students are going abroad to complete their studies. India made record numbers in export trading and is one of the leading business hubs of the world. Investors are looking to India as an opportunity for the long term. Diwali shopping was a record high this year and the major credits go to online shopping. 

Social media is becoming popular day by day, as more users are joining in and there is so much to share. The new C.E.O. of Twitter was appointed, of Indian origin. Now, most of the leading tech giant companies of the world have Indian C.E.O. This shows how much capable people of India are. Scrutinizing everything, this year was good for those who were ready to try something new and some of them succeeded to a great extent. 

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