Live In The Moment!

Live In The Moment!

We do everything. We work, we talk, we go out, but the only thing we forget to do is live! Some of us are just passing the day while some are waiting for bad things to get over. But isn’t that’s how life is meant to be. Often we misjudge life and live it in a whole wrong way. Ups and downs, happiness and sadness both are part of our lives. But we just want to be surrounded with happiness. Did that work out? Every single person is blessed with happiness and has to pass through sorrow too. No matter how many privileges you have, you will have problems in life. There is no meaning in having happiness if don’t feel the importance of it. And the importance of happiness can be felt only if we go through the process of problems, that’s when we will realize the magnitude of  being happy. 

Life is equal for all and it is balanced. We all have the same proportions of everything in terms of being happy and sad. But what matters is how we cherish the moment we are living in. Some wait for good days to come and some work in their bad days to convert those into good ones. Well, it’s all about perspectives. The way we see our lives is prominent. No matter how noble a person is, he/she cannot judge anyone other’s lives. Everyone has their path, we are the ones to sprinkle water and bring drought both. Only our mindset has the power and only we can decide whether to entertain the sorrows or be confident and patient with the moment. 

We are alive, that is our biggest gift. Don’t worry about the future or regret thinking about the past. What’s gone is gone and what is about to come, is unknown to us. What we have in our hands is the present time. We prepare for the future but never enjoy our present. Isn’t it ironic that the present time we are living in was once a future for us in the past, when we thought we would be at our best? Time never stops for anyone and it never will. The pandemic has taught us one thing, that nothing is permanent. A time spent being stressed is wasted. 


Do what your heart desires! There is nothing more precious than peace. Wars have been fought to bring peace to the world. But we never think of the peace we should possess to sustain a good life. Peace comes when we are okay with the situation and not fight against it. Never be greedy and always be satisfied with what you have. Everything happens at a particular time and there is nothing you can do about it. What we are here for is to think good and work well towards a better future. 


The problem with us, we care for others too much. And we forget to heal ourselves. What we do remember is how others were judging us, when we were doing something. But we never really thought of the perception of ourselves by ourselves. Our thoughts should be free from all the damages to our lives. What we can do is follow some important points and adapt them in real life. 

1)Never let your happiness depend on others.

2)Sometimes you have to be a little selfish. 

3)Move on from regrets.

4)Think of the future but live in present. 

5)Believe, have patience and never let yourself down. 






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