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Last-Minute Trendy Holi Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

Holi is just 2 days ahead and you haven’t decided on your outfit yet? Well, give us a virtual high five. Because we haven’t as well. You may ask why? Because we were busy creating content for you guys. But don’t worry, when you were busy banging your head in offices and online classes, we thought of giving you some quick outfit inspiration for Holi to save you from scratching your head at the very end moment.

Keep reading to explore some trendy, comfortable, and Holi-appropriate outfits.

Stick to traditional

We are talking traditional here and what can beat a classic white saree when it comes to diving ethnicity. You can go for a saree as simple as cotton to as traditional as Lucknowi. A saree looks super chic and sassy when styled correctly, and of course, its pallu makes one hell of a prop for your Instagram boomerangs.

Image source: Pinterest.

How to style it: Style it with a nice pair of a light shade denim jacket, sneakers, and some silver jewelry to take a turn towards a modern look and also feel comfortable while drenching yourself in colors.

Beat the convention

Well, there is numerous way to beat the convention, but this way is to wear printed colorful attire. Go for florals or hand block or just some abstract colors. Now you’ll say, how will colors be visible if we wear colorful attire. Of course people, it will be visible. Let’s bust the myth and break the convention.

Image source: Pinterest.

How to style it: Wear trendy one-piece. Or if you are more into ethnic wear, you can go for a skirt along with a crop top. Go for some dainty jewelry like studs and choker and you are good to slay the event.

Go literal

You quite didn’t get it. Right? This is literally the most literal thing. Okay, enough with the wordplay. By this, we mean that go for prints that scream “Holi hai” and have Holi-related stuff printed on like gulal (colors), pitchkari (water gun), and balloons. What else can give you a vibe like this? Hands down, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

Image source: Pinterest.

How to style: Create a quirky shirt with wide-legged jeans or bell bottoms. Or you can create similar t-shirts for your whole family and have a nice photo session. This is not biased to any gender. Men and women can both rock this look.

Image source: Pinterest.

Talking about gender biases, we don’t want to be biased either, so here are some ideas for Men to grab the attention of this Holi.

Add a pop of color to your whites

By this, we don’t mean you bleach and dye your outfits. We want you to layer some colorful accessories and pieces to your whole white attire to provide some dimension and edge.

Image source: Pinterest.

How to style it: Opt for a dhoti kurta and throw a colorful koti over it. Or you can wear a kurta or a shirt with white jeans and accessories with a Bandhani dupatta. Bandhani dupattas hold the essence of Holi and it will be a perfect fit for you.

Casuals for the ease

A plain basic white tee or a shirt never fails to impress. Moreover, to chase people and save yourself from the silly pranks, you got to stay free and at ease.

Image source: Pinterest.

How to style it: Wear the tee or shirt with two-tone jeans or even better cotton or linen chinos. This never fails to look good and who knows you might impress someone. *wink* To add more oomph, wear cool bracelets and rings and you are good to go.

These are some quick and last-minute ideas that you can execute perfectly. Now that you are all stacked up with ideas, you can slay the Holi parties this year. But hey, maintain hygiene and save yourself from the virus. On that note, Happy Holi you guys. 

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