Insights with Director of Fabcurate- Sanjay Desai!

Insights with Director of Fabcurate- Sanjay Desai!

1.What led you to launch Fabcurate?

The sole purpose of launching Fabcurate was to curate the best fabrics for people who are fashion enthusiasts. There was a need for change and upgrade in the fabrics world. We wanted a solution, to satisfy the requirements of all the customers. Every point was evaluated first, and then with proper planning, we finally started Fabcurate.

2. What are the USPs of Fabcurate?

Our Unique Selling Point is we sell the best fabrics. Every product is examined after it is entered in our premises and before it leaves. We have a reputation for quality and our customers are happy with the service we provide to them. Guiding is the second thing, our customer care team, takes care of all the small and minute details to explain to the customers and even helps them select their kind of fabrics. We have made the interaction easy and reduced the gap between us and customers.

3.What is the vision and mission of the company?

To be a leading fabric store globally and occupy a place in everyone’s wardrobe. Have a unique perspective always and launch versatile collections. Always work with innovation and deliver the best, that one can expect. We want to change the way; people look at fabrics. The perception of people matters a lot. Fabrics are for every individual, to flaunt their style and be in trend. We want to be the brand, that one can trust and rely on. The name ‘Fabcurate’ should run through someone’s mind when they hear the word fabrics. The way we are growing and getting new customers and the graph of sell is increasing. Every next quarter is better than the previous ones. We are overwhelmed by the response we have received from our customers. And our customer base is increasing at a good rate. The revenue figures, that we once thought were just dreams have now turned into reality.

4.How is Fabcurate disrupting the gap in the textile industry?

We want to be transparent with our customers and provide them with the best quality fabrics. We have a wide range of fabrics, that have different price ranges. We don’t want to bind someone to limited options, rather we believe that one should explore. People can have a direct conversation with us through social media and also we have provided customer care numbers so that, anyone having a doubt can reach us.  

6.Any expansion plans for 2022?

Yes, we desire to open more offline stores and to have widespread online store reachability. We want people to come to our stores and experience how it feels to be in the world of fabrics and we will not disappoint them. We want to have a renowned name, not only in India but also in foreign countries. If everything works out as per our plan, then everyone will be welcomed in our new stores all over the country.

7.Any other points that you may want to highlight.

The point is not the profit, but the satisfaction of seeing our customers happy is what motivates us. We are surrounded by competition of course, but that is not going to affect us. We try to be on ‘The road less traveled.' That is what separates us from others. The motive is simple, ‘Fabrics for everyone.

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