The greatest festival of India. A day of pride and freedom. 15th August 1947 a day our country became Independent. The hard work and movements of our freedom fighters have made this day a memorable one for us. People who witnessed the nation's freedom after years of struggle felt such a sense of glory.

A celebration is essential. But is one day enough to show love for our country? Of course, it isn’t. India the name itself is an emotion. A feeling that cannot be expressed in words, is what we get when he hears the word ‘India’.  Because of the diversity of our culture and our international status, we have been allowed to represent ourselves. Our relationship with our country is like the relationship between parents and children. Despite giving us so much, they do not expect anything in return.

That salutation when the flag is being hoisted and singing, ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ gives us some goosebumps. A country that has been built upon by our rich histories. Wearing a traditional dress on Independence day is important as it resembles our culture. During the pandemic, when we were stuck in our homes and were not able to go out of the house, it was living in a cage. Before Independence, it was even worse than this situation. Independence day is the greatest event that has occurred in the history of our country and even in the history of the world.

Right from we take birth and till we are dead, we are always in debt to our country. A debt of freedom, to try to give back something in terms of respect and love, to carry our culture and pass it to our children. Our identity is solely based on our country. Prior to celebrating Independence Day, certain things must be kept in mind.


1)Do a flag hoisting in your society or workplace.

2) wear traditional dresses to show your culture.

3) Sing the national anthem and teach them to your children.

4) Donate something to the needy, so they can feel special about Independence day too.

5) Spread happiness and smile as Independence day is a day of triumph of truth and good.


1) Respect the national flag and keep it in a safer location after it has been hoisted.

2)Don’t ignore the flags that are resting down on the road or are even not taken proper care of, should be picked up.

3)Should not sell/buy plastic flags.

 In addition to Indians living abroad, everyone else in the world celebrates Independence Day. Our nation has already made an impression on the world. In terms of everything, we are moving ahead. When we compare our modern India with decades before, we have come a long way in terms of technology, manpower, science, etc. Also recently, Neeraj Chopra made our nation proud by winning gold in Tokyo Olympics. We are a nation of inbuilt talents and whenever a platform is provided, we perform well and leave an impact forever.

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Image source- Pinterest.

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