How to style your wedding look?

How to style your wedding look?

In India, a wedding is equivalent to a festival. Everyone enjoys dancing and having a good time during the festive celebrations. Dressing up is important whether the wedding is for a close friend or a relative. When it comes to a wedding outfit, everything from the clothing to the hair and makeup, the jewelry to the shoes needs to be flawless. It can be overwhelming to choose a wedding outfit because there are so many options. Don't worry; we've got you covered. We've put together a list of clothing suggestions for wedding guests that you can utilize this wedding season to steal the show—after the bride, of course.

Embroidery Lehengas-

One of the oldest forms of adorning the lehenga, embroidery or thread work gives the attire an antique charm. You can choose to have the skirt and blouse heavily embroidered, or you can choose to have it lightly embroidered only at the borders, which will also be less expensive. According to your time and financial constraints, you will also need to decide between hand- and machine-embroidered lehengas. Hand stitching gives the lehenga a more rustic feel, but it is more expensive and time-consuming. Machine embroidery is more uniform, economical, and fast.

Embroidery Sarees-
Even though they may also be worn for everyday wear, embroidered sarees are a fantastic choice for practically any special occasion or holiday. The event at hand will determine the kind of saree worn and the styling. Therefore, elaborately embroidered sarees with heavy work, like the stunning Banarasi sarees with zari or zardosi work, should only be worn at weddings and other formal events. To highlight the elegance of the embroidered motifs, they can be paired with a substantial Kundan set or gold jewelry set. A white embroidered saree with Chikankari embroidery, on the other hand, is a suitable option for a more semi-formal event, such as an office party or an evening supper. The delicacy of the designs will pair well with classy jewelry like pearl jewelry sets or crystal pendants.

Silk Saree-

When we consider Indian ethnic attire, one item that immediately comes to mind is the traditional and recognizable saree. more so the silk saree. As a wedding guest, you may always go with this timeless alternative. This pink one, which has wide gold borders and a sleeveless blouse, is gorgeous and sophisticated. Pink polka-dot earrings with a teardrop are eye-catching. A neatly styled ponytail brightens the face. The traditional vibe of the entire ensemble is complemented by a pink lips and a tiny bindi.

Velvet Saree-
Queens and members of other royal families have worn velvet sarees, which hold a regal ecstasy. Even after all these years, they still have a striking presence of richness. These sarees are an eye-catching accessory for every woman because of their rich and opulent appearance.

Designer blouse-
Another popular attire option for weddings is the saree, but what if we told you that it's not your saree that should draw attention in the crowded pandal? These days, a lot of females prefer statement blouses for a more understated appearance. From the fashion runways to actual weddings, this look is very popular. During this moment of outré statement, show off your back. It contrasts beautifully with the simple, refined light blue saree. Leave the hair loose and accessorize with a pair of large chandbaalis and a statement ring.

Image source- Pinterest.
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