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How To Make Better Use of the Leftover Cotton Fabric Scarp

We all have so many fabrics lying around our homes, just like that. We always take it upon ourselves to sit down and come up with some ideas to use these pieces, but do we become successful? Sadly no, we end up even more confused. And then we keep that pile for some time and again the vicious cycle doesn't stop.

We are here to get you out of this cycle and put these substances to some use.
Different fabrics have different properties and characteristics that should be addressed to achieve the desired result. Today we are going to talk about cotton. This fabric is the most widely used fabric. Everyone has some or the other piece made of cotton in their wardrobe, waiting to be designed and sewn.

Before we turn to the uses of the fabric, let's first know its basic properties to understand it better.

Cotton is a plant-based fabric; it is made from the fibers of the cotton plant.

1) Softness

 2) Durability

 3) Absorbency

 4) Good dye absorption

 ​5) Breathability

 6) No static cling.

Since, it has a lot of good properties, this fabric is suitable for almost all things. Let's take a look at these one by one:

Make your home more beautiful

Don't we all love it when our homes are filled with little things that add to the beauty of our homes? Guess what? You can create memories while making esthetic pieces for your home by using fabric. Isn't that awesome?

Make a dream catcher

Use the fabric to create table runners

Sew pillowcases

Cover the vase

Crop it up!

Crop tops are so in these days. It's a fashion statement. Use your fabric scraps to sew a cute crop top. Not much fabric is needed and you have a new garment from the fabric scraps.

Style the crop top with pants, palazzos, denim jacket and jeans or even a skirt.

Accessories as a savior in times of need

Accessories have the power to spice up your simple, boring outfit from zero to a hundred. Accessories are cute little things that require very little fabric. Craft the accessories that match your mood and walk out of the house with confidence. You can create pieces’ like






Don't forget your babies

As mentioned earlier, cotton fabrics are soft and very absorbent, making them an ideal fabric for making baby outfits. This is also a chance to have twin outfits with your toddler.

This will allow you to utilize your fabric scraps while keeping your mind free. Even if you don't have any fabric scraps but want to customize and recreate these products, Fabcurate is always there to help. Browse our cotton collection and get creative

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