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How to Choose the Right Fabric!

Oh, what fun it is to make outfits from scratch. Or is it not? Well, we all at least once in our life got inspired by a celebrity look and tried to recreate the same outfit in budget and have failed miserably. And for those who have succeeded, kiddos! We are proud of you. But we definitely agree, that when it comes to making an outfit from scratch, it is tough, it involves dozens of things, design, fabrics, sewing, surface ornamentation. But the most difficult of all is the selection of fabric, I feel. 

To choose a fabric, you have to take multiple things into consideration, the fall, the texture, the color, the weave, the feel, the shine, and whatnot. It is a tiresome process, even more, when you are not from a textile background and don’t hold the knowledge for the same. 

So, to provide you the “fun” for when you make your own ensembles, we are here to provide you with some easy ways to select the right fabric according to your needs. And the giving is not over yet, you can find the fabric of your choice on easily without any hassle. We are serving you guys with a silver spoon today, aren’t we?

Step 1: Select a design.

You can’t build a building without a blueprint, similarly, you can’t build a garment without a design or a sketch or an inspiration in that case. Get inspired by some renowned designer, or surf through Pinterest or Instagram and choose the design you’d like to see yourself in. Always choose a design according to your body type. 

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Step 2: Research

Before you start hurrying and deciding what materials you need to make your garment, research about the garment you want to make. Do window shopping, have a look at the fabrics used to make that particular piece of clothing, how does the fall of the fabric is affecting the design, and a lot more. Gather information and analysis first, before taking a step further.

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Step 3: Choose the fabric according to your body type and the design 

The fabric should always compliment the design and your body shape. You would ask me why is it necessary and what good does dressing according to body type does? Well, it accentuates your key points and camouflages the points which you don’t wish to highlight. Some fabrics and designs are a blessing for some body types while a curse for others.

Now, what does a body type mean?

The structure and build of a body are known as a body type. It is different for different people, but it is categorized into some common categories. Mentioned below are the categories along with what fabrics are suitable for them. 

For women:

      1. Rectangle

For ladies who have a rectangle body type, they need to choose fabrics that are frilly and add volume like cotton, linen, silk, and satin. And avoid skin-tight or body-hugging fabrics like spandex.

Source: Pinterest.

      2. Hour-glass 

Avoid baggy fabrics like georgette and organza and choose fabrics that stick to your body, like rayon, polyester.

Source: Pinterest

      3. Pear shape

For ladies, who have pear shape need to avoid fabrics that get tight at the lower torso, like spandex, polyester, satin. And go for fabrics that are baggy or loose at the upper torso, like cotton, linen, organza, georgette.

 Source: Pinterest

4. Apple shape

Women who have an apple shape body need to avoid tight fabrics like denim, lycra and instead should go for cotton, linen, etc.

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5. Inverted triangle

The inverted triangle is similar to an apple-shaped body, their upper torso is heavier than the lower torso, they should use fabrics like cotton, linen, mulmul, georgette and should avoid satin, denim, spandex. 

Source: Pinterest

Step 4: Opt for the right color.

Color is the first thing that catches the attention of the eye. The color you choose should complement you. It should be according to your skin tone. Also, some colors help in accentuating your body. For example, Black makes you look taller and slimmer, whereas white goes on every skin tone. But if you are someone who likes to experiment with looks, please go ahead and show your love for fashion. We support you!

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Step 5: Investigate the width.

The width of the fabric is one of the most important aspects of fabric buying. Why? Because it determines how much fabric do you need to buy. The measurement of the width is mostly 44 inches, 58 inches, and a couple of more. But these are standard. So, if the width of the fabric is 44 inches then you need to buy more compared to the fabric whose width is 58 inches. Therefore, always check the width of the fabric first and then decide to buy.

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Step 6: Visualize the project on you and buy. 

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, ignite your imagination power and visualize how the garment will look on you. And I’m sure after you’ve worked this hard, your efforts won’t go in vain and it will look fabulous on you in your imagination and when it’ll come to life. 

Now, the only step left is to buy. And as I told you earlier, we are serving you with a silver spoon today. You can buy the fabric you desire from our website easily by putting all the criteria i.e. color, width, print, and more. So you don’t have to go out in the sun, going to shop by shop for the perfect fabric.

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It might look like a tedious process, but trust me it is not. It’ll just take you an hour or so for this. I assure you of the satisfaction you’ll receive when you’ll jump into the perfect outfit which is customized for you, by you. As we all know, hard work pays off. On, that note, Happy shopping.

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