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Hilarious Fabric Memes That All Fabric Lovers Will Relate To.

Memes are ruling the world now. It is funny, informative, relieves stress. What else do we need? In this fast, stressful world, we have a companion who makes us laugh. For those who don’t know what memes are, firstly are you from the pre-Vedic age, and secondly, don’t worry, we’ll help you. Technically speaking, memes are images, videos, or humorous texts, that spread like a virus, that’s why the term viral is used.

Here are some memes on Fabrics that we saw and cracked our head because we relate to it extensively and we know so will you.

The Perfect Guy

Source: Google Chrome.

Girls, get a guy who knows the difference between a fabric scissor and a paper scissor. If he knows the difference between a fabric scissor and a paper scissor he sure will keep you happy for the rest of the life.

If Only It Were True

Source: Google Chrome.

Who doesn’t want a cinched waist and a cozy quilt? If fabrics were free and sewing fabrics would make us slim, then probably we’d never get up from our sewing machines. But it is too good to be true :( Maybe in a parallel universe it is true. Until just enjoy your time with fabrics and eat well ladies.

The Honest Lie

Source: Google Chrome.

The lie which we keep on telling ourselves like the other 999 lies, which includes “I will wake up early”, “I will hit the gym from tomorrow”, and the list is undying. Let me tell you a little secret- you are not the only one to hoard fabrics, we all sail in the same boat and tell ourselves the honest lie.

The Necessary Reward

Source: Google Chrome.

Every human deserves a reward after doing a complicated task like organizing a pile of fabrics. Let me tell you it is no easy than doing hardcore reps at the gym. Anyways, we need to fill the space we made after cleaning the stuff, and what is better than another stock of fabric.

The Truth

Source: Google Chrome. 

Pretty Please! We wish we could say that to fabrics when we see them. But apparently, we listen to our heart and not mind. However, this is the only way to leading a happy life with your fabric family.

Only Guide You Need

Source: Google Chrome. 

A true shopper is one who can convert their NO’s into YES. And when you can do that, you should know that you are on the path of complete solace. And every fabric is pretty, so let’s agree we never go beyond the second step.

Yes, we know, now you wish to buy more fabrics after watching all these crazy memes. We relate to you. We too are going to have a nice stare at our fabrics. So what are you waiting for? Shop your favorite fabrics from here:

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