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Fearless Fashion for the social win- Fashion of 2021.

While it’s been quite a year for the fashion industry, it was the time for them to come back with a bang and introduce some freshness for 2021. This year the days of the fashion week were reduced while some just went all techie-techie. But we are sure of one thing that all of them served quite bold and exotic looks. 

We are loving how they incorporated chicness from the previous decades that is from the 70s or 80s. This year’s looks were strikingly over the top and we are obsessing over them. 

We are listing some of our favorite trends of 2021 that you should include in your wardrobe. 

1. Tie and Dye

Swing it up from the ’60s with the classic resist dyeing technique- Tie and Dye. Though we are a generation who are a fan of DIYs and love to create our fancy tees, we got to admit that designers know their work and create art that is just beyond our imagination. From Maxi- dresses to Kaftans, Blazers, athleisure, we’ve seen these patterns hit every color of the rainbow. Try them all and be the chicest version of yourself. 


Source: Pinterest

2. Coats Inspired by folks 

Keep yourself all fuzzy and warm this season with these beautiful folk-inspired coats. The folk trend has officially returned and it’s your time to add those layers having intricate embroidery, leaving the traditional trench behind. Style it with an overall monochromatic look, a statement piece and you are good to go. Cheery on the cake is that it is suitable for every body type.


Source: Pinterest

3. Face Masks

Protect yourself but make it Fashion. As we all know we have to get habitual with masks till the time being, so why not wear them to make a statement. Statement masks are going to take over the street style fashion this season and we are more than excited to see how it will turn out. Twin your mask with your outfit or color block your outfit, add a pop color mask to your whole monochrome outfit or go all achromatic, it’s going to stand out. One thing we all have to agree it sure does looks boujee and elevate the eyes like never before. 

Source: Pinterest

4. Head Scarfs

Do you know what can elevate your outfits in seconds? A piece of a statement accessory. Talking of statement accessories, head scarfs are conquering the hearts of fashion geeks like never before. Tie it from the head to your chin and look like a model walking right from the Gucci runway or look like a boss lady tying it at the back of your head. Style it with a classic pair of jeans or a maxi dress, you’re going to stand out in the crowd anyways. Just add on- it saves your hair from all the dust J


Source: Pinterest

5. Bold Shoulders

We are so happy that Power Dressing is getting all the hype that it deserves. Finally, women as well as men are feeling confident through Fashion. Give your shoulders something extra, like mutton sleeves, not-so-subtle peaks, origami, layers, a cape, experiment with it all. Bold shoulders are going to be one of the most lovable trends of 2021. Pair your statement bold shoulder garment with jeans, skirts, or go completely over the top. Channel your inner Kardashian and slay this look.  


Source: Pinterest

6. Big / loose jeans.

Nothing can win against sweatpants, but believe me, people can never fully divorce with their denim. Get the best of both sides with oversized, slouchy jeans which are as cool as they are comfortable. Gone are those times when fitting inside a pair of skinny jeans was no less than a task. At least something good happened after the outbreak, hahaha. Add a classic shirt and you have your new uniform unlocked. 


Source: Pinterest

It’s important now to stay up-to-date more than ever in the social media era. And of course, we can’t get everything from the ramps to inside our wardrobes. Hence, we are here to give you a helping hand. We provide you with an array of fabrics suitable for your needs. You just have to work a little harder and get your favorite outfit stitched and be in the fashion league. 

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