Fabcurate Since Inception

Fabcurate Since Inception

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Fabcurate was started with a purpose to give the fashion enthusiast exactly what they desire. There was a need for something unique and reliable in the market. We are not just any typical fabric store, that is here to sell fabrics and earn profit. Before we started, we did a lot of research on the preferences of people and if they were really happy with what they were getting. Launching Fabcurate was a big deal for us because our intention has always been to revolutionize the fabrics world. 

We offer versatility and freedom. Fabrics are the closest thing to us. Anyone can customize their design and share with us and we will print them on the fabrics. And only after he/she likes it, can order or else it’s not compulsory. We take care of our customers after-sales. We guide them from beginning to end. We uplift Indian crafts and traditions. A wide variety of collections of different kinds of fabrics, that is designed graciously. 

We have received an overwhelming response from all over the country and even from foreign countries. That has boosted our confidence and we are surprised and excited both. When we compare our current data to the inception days, we feel proud. And there is no turning back, we are progressing at a good rate. And we have an eye for being the fabric brand in the upcoming year. A company that one can rely on and trust. Post pandemic phase is going to be very crucial, as more and more competition and startups are emerging but we are more focused on improving ourselves. 

We believe in experiments and trying something new to get the excitement level always high. We have launched many new saree collections with the latest designs. In Men’s fabric, we have started a combo, that is best matched by us so that one is not confused about how to pair the shirt and pants. We have introduced Sherwani fabrics on our website and Scuba fabric is also considered unique. Even traditional combo will be launched by us soon. We believe in transparency and are allowing our customers to send their designs to us, so they can wear the kind of fabrics, suiting them best. 

We believe that traditions and cultures are the basis of fabrics and our attires. We have collaborated with many vendors from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities so that their work becomes famous and they get the attention they deserve. For example, we have collaborated with the artisans of the village, who make Bagh print. Handloom, Ajrakh, Ikkat, etc. are all the kinds of Indian crafts fabrics that we buy from such villages and cities that are experts in the production of these fabrics. 

When we look back, we are thrilled to know our current position. Our journey was full of experience and a good pace. The graph of progress has always been increasing. Because since the start we are focused on the best customer experience and quality. During the pandemic time, business was slow, and when the restrictions of lockdown were slowly lifting, we gained a good pace. The number of International orders increased. Fashion never goes out of style, and people understand this and so do we.

We want to be a leading fabric store globally and occupy a place in everyone’s wardrobe. Have a unique perspective always and to launch versatile collections. We aim to have a customer base that trusts us and that is our biggest profit.

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