Fabcurate: Fabrics Curated ‘for you’.

Fabcurate: Fabrics Curated ‘for you’.

Fabcurate is online fabric store that is no less than a fabric paradise. If you are all about curating your style then Fabcurate is the way to go. Fabcurate brings traditional handlooms to your home by collaborating with talented artisans in the textile and handloom industry. We provide an opportunity for artisans to showcase their talent by pushing their creative potential.


Fabcurate is a storehouse of fabrics and a treasure for independent designers and fashion brands. The website not only provides you with a variety of fabrics to choose from but also has a feature that enables to get custom fabric by printing our designs on the fabric. Choosing clothes and deciding the right design and color for yourself is a fun and creative activity in itself. The best part is that there is no minimum quantity restriction on orders, so be it one meter or thousand meters we make sure that we cater to everyone’s needs without any conditions. We can also take the help of Fabcurate’s fabric estimator to decide how much fabric is required and place the order.

You name the fabric (from traditional to modern) and it is there on the store which is also very easy and clean(neat) to navigate through. Navigating a cluttered and confusing website is irritating in itself, but you need not worry on that front when it comes to Fabcurate as it is very organized and well maintained which makes your browsing and shopping experience even more delightful. While shopping in physical stores at one point or the other we have all faced the issue that the fabric we loved is either not available or available in little quantity which is not sufficient enough to make the outfit. So you can say goodbye to such issues as you are never going to face them while shopping on Fabcurate.

Fabcurate’s sole purpose is to curate the best fabrics for people who do not treat fabrics just as another ‘stash’. For them, fabrics are to be taken care of like some valuable thing. You can find a plethora of crafts like Ikat, Shibori, Kalamkari, Indigo, Ajrakh, Banarasi, Batik, Tie & Die, Bandhani, Dabu, etc. on this website which reflects the magnanimous Indian culture. So there is a fabric for everyone and every occasion.You can also shop for men’s fabrics to make suits, kurtas, shirts, etc., and their collection of embroidered laces, sequins laces, mirror work laces, gotta Patti laces, and sari work laces are just mind-blowing. They are also selling beautiful sarees, furnishings, semi-stitched suits, accessories, etc.Overall, Fabcurate is a one-stop destination for budding designers as well as for someone who is looking to make an exclusive outfit from scratch.


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