Explore your talent!

Explore your talent!


It’s typical to hear phrases such as, ‘My son/daughter will study and become an engineer, doctor, lawyer,etc.’ These phrases are so common in Indian families. And the future of an individual is decided by the burden of responsibilities that have been put by their parents on the shoulders of their children. 

While some think that getting a job is necessary for the well-being of an individual and preparing for the future is a mandatory step to get your life in order. With the increase in the cost of education and other factors related to it, the parents are stressed up but still, they would take a lot of heat on themselves just to get their child a proper education. But the question now a day is, ‘Is it worth it?'

With the world pacing up so fast, numerous factors affect the lifestyle of an individual. A typical education system doesn’t allow you to intake the kind of practical knowledge that leads one to have the kind of working atmosphere they desire. Digital technology, Automation, etc. have changed the perspective of how we see the world. Everything that you need to have a job or start a business, is already available on YouTube and other media platforms. 

Some people have already grasped this and they understand the importance of tactics and skills that are required to survive in the corporate world. Spending a lot of money on education is not a trend anymore. Every individual is blessed with some talent, all he/she needs to do is build up that talent to a certain extent and be an expert in it. Even though the starting results won’t impress anyone, it would give a sense of satisfaction to do something that you want to do.

It shouldn’t be the society that directs your way of career, it should be solely you to take the ‘road less traveled.’ The requirements of someone who has a lot of theoretical knowledge have become significantly less. The world is in need of talents and appreciates that a lot. Gone are the days, when the typical education gave you a fortune. For having a career, dependency and perspectives on certain things have changed dramatically. 

Stock Market professionals, Travel consultants, Interior Designer, Professional Youtuber, Makeup Artists, Dance instructors, Real Estate agents, Fashion bloggers, Writer, etc. are the skills that can take you much further in life. All you need is to develop the skills up to a certain extent. 

 Image source- Pinterest & Google.

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