Don't stress out over corporate life!

Don't stress out over corporate life!


                              An ideal life includes earning a decent income, acquiring wealth, having shelter, and possibly owning some luxurious items. As a result, we are constantly seeking benefits from such work in order to obtain those things. But most of us work tremendously hard and are stressed out, which leaves us without the energy and health to live the kind of life we have expected. It is not necessary to be wealthy but to be healthy. It is useless to spend all the time and effort we put into earning money if we are not in a position to use it properly. We earn for the family, thinking this is the priority but does that really implies happiness? Haven’t we seen depressed people earning more money than we could ever imagine?

Putting together something for the sake of our family or ourselves is good, but think of the price we pay. The real happiness of our family lies in our prosperity and better health. The time that we give to our family members is what counts. It isn’t as if money is not necessary it is but losing ourselves in the process is not worth it. “Happiness above everything” should be the motto. In today’s era, we are in a competition of being in a better position and earn more than others, but no one is competing in terms of how happy or at peace they are. As a matter of fact, we all go through the phase of being at the place, where we become greedy, and it leads to losing time. As the saying goes, "Time is the luxury which we cannot afford to lose." Working more is good, but should not affect our mental state, otherwise, the consequences can be far more serious, and can even lead to untreatable diseases.

  • Earn good money but maintain your health

      Everything in life comes at a price, but it should never be paid to health. Earn good but don’t let it affect your health. Some people regret the time they have lost when they could have been happy rather than being greedy. It’s a blessing to have a better designation status but sometimes we have to ask ourselves, was it worth it? Getaway more often. Take a few vacations every year to refuel the drained energy. By diverting our minds, we will become more productive.

 2)Give time to family

    Maturity is realizing that family is the most important thing in our lives. No matter wherever we are, we all miss our family. The bond is unbreakable and trusted. We often are phrased with, “A person earns for his/her family.” But the real pleasure comes when we sit with our family members, have a deep conversation, laugh and that is true happiness. But do we do that? Very few would say yes to this question. It is the time of sorrow that makes us realize the importance family members hold in our lives.

3) Live in the present

The corporate world has become accustomed to overthinking. In our minds, we are often drawn into imaginary worlds while we think about the future. The problem is, ‘Our mind leads us into the future but only into the negative situation’. Anxiety then comes into our lives, we become a host for them. Asking ourselves daily, that what we are doing, is uplifting our lives or having a bad effect, is mandatory. The future is built at the expense of the present. Overworking can sometimes take away our most precious moments.

                 We should always keep ourselves a priority. Work and relaxation both are necessary. Considering every moment is a gift that we have to live in, is the best lesson we can learn. Regret is the worst enemy of us and to live with it inside our mind, is nothing but an invitation to Depression & Stress.

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