Current affairs!

Current affairs!

Now and then we should be getting an update on what is going on around the world. Sometimes the news might affect us, sometimes not but it increases our knowledge and showers wisdom on us. Current affairs are the things going on over the globe. 

1) Coronavirus cases are increasing-


The Coronavirus is just acting as a parasite that is not leaving our beautiful earth. Instead, it just keeps on coming back for 2 years. And when we thought everyone was going to be normal again, the pandemic is striking again. On 16th June, 12,847 new cases were registered in India and Maharashtra is the most affected state with 4,255 fresh infections from Coronavirus. Looks like, the rules are going to be restrictive once again, and the government is scrutinizing the circumstances already. All we need to do is be safe by wearing masks and not getting infected by the virus. 

2) Russia vs. Ukraine
France, Germany, and Italy's presidents paid a high-profile visit to Kyiv to defuse tensions over what Ukrainian officials see as lukewarm backing in their struggle against Russia. According to Ukraine's military minister, the number of Ukrainians killed since Russia invaded Ukraine in February is likely in the tens of thousands, with the amount "hopefully" falling below 100,000. These kinds of war scenarios make us want to pray for the world's betterment. I hope that the situation is brought under control and that no innocent people are killed.

 WTO signs landmark deals
GENEVA: The World Trade Organization's (WTO) 164 member countries ultimately agreed on a package of trade accords in Geneva, with India leading the way. The agreements that reached the WTO's 12th ministerial meeting were hammered out over days of round-the-clock negotiations, and they mark the first substantial accord in nine years. Pledges on food security, a fair outcome on fisheries subsidies, and pandemic response are all included in the series of trade agreements, all of which are vital to develop countries.

4) Warriors win 2022 NBA finals.

Stephen Curry became the first player since Michael Jordan in 1998 to lead all scorers in each of the first four games of the NBA Finals, however, his greatest game of the series came when he scored 43 points in a crucial Game 4 to square the series 2-2 and give the Dubs home-court advantage. The future Hall of Famer has had a terrific postseason. It's now time to rejoice.






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