Blog- What to wear & where to wear?

Blog- What to wear & where to wear?

                                   It is common for people to have confusion or stress over what to wear to an event. The fashions and styles of the current era are to blame. When there are more options to select from, then we don’t know which one is good for us and which one is bad. Some people are very concerned about their dressing style and they wear accordingly. Impressions are the bridge, used to connect two people. We are defined by our dressing style choices. Typically, we are bounded by three kinds of scenarios in our lives. Our office is the first; our home is the second, and casual outings on weekends make up the third.
                              Wearing the same type of clothing to each of the above situations is hardly justified. It creates a deteriorating impact on your surroundings. People are intrigued by the arrival of some new fashion and style collections. This is because they do not plan on appearing as old-fashioned. The habit of dressing accordingly should become ingrained in us. Being different from everyone else is good, but to be very different will not get you anywhere.

1. Office wear
Our first reaction upon hearing office wear is to envision formal attire. It's true, the answer to this question is no longer unique. But it can be modified. Men often consider formal clothing to be their best style. Shirts inserted in pants with shoes polished are most preferable for Men. Three-piece suits are also adopted in quite a few offices. Among the options for women are shirts, pants, palazzos, and tops. The use of sarees has been lowered down a bit in the office, due to more adaptation of western clothes in our culture.


2. Casual wear
The thought of wearing a shirt and pants to home and watching television with your family isn't very comfortable because they are quite tight. Doesn’t matter where you are, one thing should always be our priority and that is comfortability. T-shirts & shorts are most often worn at home. Also to consider are capri pants, leggings, tunic tops, sweatshirts, and hoodies. We tend to underestimate how we dress at home. Casuals are also fashionable, we just have to select the right kind.

  1. Outings on weekend

After a week full of stress & work. Weekends are the days we wait to let ourselves live life. Places are rushed with people. The weekend is the time when we see the latest trend going on when we see people wearing all the latest kinds of clothing. We see a combination of unique dresses, as some of us become creative.


4.Other Events

Marriage, parties & other events require us to dress not according to our preferences, but according to situations. A common trend in marriages is suits and sarees. The one-piece suit, skirts, tops, and shirts can be worn for ceremonies & parties. A crop top and skirt ripped jeans and shirt, one-piece boho dress, hot pants or skinny jeans with a leather jacket, etc are some other choices for party wear.

                  Make sure you surround yourself with good clothes and you won't have a problem winning your battles. You'll always look stylish if you're up to date.

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