Are we the last generation to see the real world?

Are we the last generation to see the real world?

Ever heard of our elders saying that there was a time when things used to be different from the current situation. Well, the phrases have changed but all they want us to say is this isn’t the world they were habituated to. But our parents don’t lie, the world really has taken a pace. Some say this pace might be the reason that we will face many problems in future and some say we are going very fast but directionless, the optimistic people are few but they are all successful. Without technology, computers, and mobile phones the world was better, as our elders think. The connectivity through social media is the reason, why all are now really separated from their loved ones. Examples are many such as eating food with family but instead of having a conversation, our eyes gape at the mobile phone. Social applications have brought the far person close to each other but the near ones are lost. As one famous thought is, “When the phones were connected with wire, people were free.” 

Those who are born in the ’90s have witnessed the phase of revolution in a true sense. In 3 decades we have seen telephones with wire, Televisions without remote changed to smart TVs, Computers from nowhere to everywhere, A keypad phone to Smartphones. There are always two sides to a coin, and these modern times to has positive and negative sides. What we cannot afford is the world to lose its culture, the basis on which it was built. With more and more exposure to other cultures, one shouldn’t forget the culture of their own. 

Research and development have brought things in this world that seemed to be impossible. With the advancement in the medical fields, we have found the cure of many diseases but at the same thing, we were helpless when Coronavirus hit the world. This depicts that nothing can be done if destiny has a different path chosen for us. We have made our lives easy but our minds complicated. Peaceful sleep is just a myth now. It's hard to find a soul now who is living without stress. In the greed of making our lives better, we have kind of spoiled it. 

We lack maturity not as a person but as a world we are not unable to grasp the impact these things will have in the future. Family is the most important thing we post this kind of stuff on social media but we don’t mean it. Some think that we are at a very good stage and at the most peak of modernization, while some are too pessimistic thinking that we are going on a negative scale. Welcoming the virtual world has become mandatory. From shopping offline to just scrolling the products through the applications and buying them, booking tickets, hotels, everything has become online. These are the positive sides of being in this virtual world. But the basics of humankind are the relations we built while we spend our lives here on earth. Depression, anxiety, stress have become more common because we are not at peace. We have everything yet something inside us tells us that something is missing. 



 Life is going like this Monday……….work…Friday...Saturday & Sunday Fun. And again it's Monday. We are lacking in living life to its fullest. We all have 2 lives and the second starts the day we realize that we have only 1 life. We need to change our perspective and greediness should be lowered. Happiness isn’t having possession of materialistic things but having our loved ones beside us. Even the richest persons die lonely, as there was no one beside them in their ending days.

We have become so much fond of social life, that it's like living 2 lives together. The one we had made on social media and the one we were living sinch childhood. Everything is now about our virtual lives. Whatever we do, the first thing that comes to our mind is to show it to the virtual friend-list rather than sharing the happiness with the ones who are with us. There is no reality in virtuality, all there is sometimes a fakeness. Every sunshine comes with a blessing and a hope to start with positive vibes. But when was the last time we thought something like that? The conclusion is to let go of stress, regret less, live more, spend time with loved ones, we never know how much we are left with.

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