Pastel Green Golden Zari Gotta Patti Work Liquid Organza Saree With Tubular Beads Sequins Lace Border
  • ₹ 2400
Black And White Abstract Pattern Digital Print Georgette Saree With Pearl Work Lace Border
  • ₹ 1999
Mint Green Geometric Pattern Digital Print Premium Sequins Georgette Saree
  • ₹ 2699
Vermilion Red And Pearl Grey Floral Pattern Digital Print Japan Satin Saree
  • ₹ 1999

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Navy Blue Plain Half Pleated Japan Satin Saree
  • ₹ 2199
Sacramento Green Plain Half Pleated Japan Satin Saree
  • ₹ 2199
Peach & Magenta Pink Floral Pattern Digital Print Poly Muslin Saree
  • ₹ 1999
Royal Yellow And White Leheriya Pattern Digital Print Georgette Satin Saree With Tassels
  • ₹ 1999


Saree is a symbol of
power, identity, and language.

Looking for a perfect saree, welcome to the best place where you can satisfy your soul and fashion enthusiasm. Fabcurate provides the best qualities of fabrics and our saree collection is made keeping in mind the current fashion trends and the requirements of women of every age group. Office wear sarees, casual sarees, festive sarees, traditional sarees, wedding sarees, and special occasion sarees, every category is justified with top-notch designs and creativity. The purpose is to be the bridge in adjoining the harmony of our great Indian artisans and make their work famous and appreciated. Our artisans are fully trained and empowered to create crafts like – Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, etc which reflect that royal Indian culture in their making.

The taste of every individual in style is different. The way they want to demonstrate themselves makes us do our work accurately. Different kinds of fabrics are used in making sarees: Cotton, Organza, Silk, Satin, Georgette, Chiffon, etc. These fabrics are sourced directly from traditional fabric merchants who are masters of traditional craft. You can have organza sarees for wedding events, Cotton sarees for regular wear, and Satin sarees for making an impression. Ready to wear saree is also there to save your time and effort. Glam collection for some gala time and elegant look, traditional sarees for festivals, etc. 

The brand value of Fabcurate can be recognized based on our customers such as some famous actresses, influencers, models, and many more. You can select the perfect saree for yourself from the most versatile sarees. What makes us different from our competitors in saree is the ‘freedom to design for yourself.’ Fabcurate allows customization in the design of the sarees! You can send us the design or pattern that you want to have on your saree and we will get the work done for you. 

Saree is a prominent part of India: 

India is a diversified country and has no limitations in the types of traditional wear. Saree has been part of our culture for centuries and its usability has only increased with time. The charisma of the saree is well known by people. The amount of impact it can make and if chosen the correct one can integrate your personality to another level. Indian women in a saree is a symbol of fashion amalgamated with elegance. At first, sarees were considered for weddings and festivals. But with style being evolved, women wear it at parties, special occasions, and more. Saree is a stamp of beauty and its striking nature never fails to impress us. 

Our experience of years in designing the various types of sarees has helped us evolve and deliver as per the expectations of our customers. We have exclusive blouse categories that match perfectly with our sarees. These blouses are made in a different styles to suit your look and make you more alluring. Some sarees are available with the matching blouses already, to save your time. 


Types of Sarees in Fabcurate:

From your daily wears to occasional wears, office wears to party wears, festival wears to wedding wears, Fabcurate has it all covered for you. From the sourcing of fabrics to its making and designing process, every aspect of the whole procedure is dealt with with expertise, and a finesse product with premium qualities is made. Every category of saree collection contains the spiritual and happening items ‘for you.’


1) New Arrivals:

This collection contains sarees with all the latest designs and patterns formed all over it. This category is for the women who desire to be in trend always, maintaining their style and aura. It can be worn at parties and holidays. If you are going to weddings, festivals, and any events, then the solid-colored sarees will look amazing with heavy blouses. Digital prints on various kinds of fabrics such as Georgette, Japan Satin, Art Silk, and many more fabrics are used to contemplate the viewers. These sarees are most suitable for an ethnic plus elegant look. 


2) Ready to wear:

Ready to wear saree is a special collection from Fabcurate. This concept is prepared for the girls and women who don’t know or have difficulty wearing sarees. With this collection, it would be easy for them to get draped in these sarees and indirectly will save a lot of time. Ready-to-wear sarees can be worn everywhere. 


3) Summer edition: 

The summer edition collection is made for relaxing you in sarees. Made from comfortable fabrics such as cotton, liquid organza, georgette, and chiffon, prints such as Tie & Dye, Polka dot, and Animal prints are most preferable. 


4) Wedding edition:

As the name suggests, Wedding edition sarees will cover everything related to wedding functions such as Haldi, Sangeet, Cocktail parties, and other events. These collections are made with a dedication to getting you ready for having a memorable time with your loved ones and mark an ever-lasting impression. 


For Festive Days: 

These editions serve the purpose of making you feel special in sarees, everywhere you go. A saree is the answer to all the questions of not knowing what to wear on special occasions and festive days. Fabcurate takes pride in preparing these sarees keeping in context the Indian culture. Festivals in different parts of our country such as Karva-Chauth, Gudi Padwa, Onam, Pongal, Navratri, Durga Pooja, etc. require a saree ‘on you’ to celebrate it with full enthusiasm. The velvet collection should be your first choice for such festive occasions. 


Unique features in Sarees from Fabcurate: 

We keep on updating our collection after doing proper research and our designers keep on introducing designs that are trendy and stylish. Sarees with Chevron pattern is a very special product from Fabcurate that will mesmerize your surrounding just by having a glance at it. When you will explore our blouse collection, you will find that most of them can be matched with our sarees and it also comes with a belt, that looks ravishing. Heritage Art Silk fabric is used for making sarees that can be worn on special occasions. Pleated sarees are your pick for something fashionable and versatile at the same time. 


Matching sarees with blouse:

Matching your saree with your blouse doesn’t just mean matching the color. Match your sarees with blouses, keeping in mind the following aspects —Saree’s styling and colour/s, Cut and style of the blouse, Fabric/ texture/ pattern, Embellishments, Work/ weaving, Occasion, Season, Utility. 


In essence, the blouse is a separate form-fitting garment. Except for a few faddish fashions, most blouses are designed to fit the wearer's upper torso. As a result, it is crucial that the blouse's "fit" and "cut" are flawless. Too-loose blouses will seem dowdy, while too-tight ones will not only make you uncomfortable but also look ugly. The neck length, sleeve fit, bodice length, and waist fit should all be considered in this aspect. Always give comfort more weight. Comfort is key! You'll feel more confident the more at ease you are. And it manifests! This is particularly true if you intend to wear your saree (and blouse) for extended periods, like all day at work or for a lengthy stage performance. If your blouse is lovely but uncomfortably so, the ensuing lack of grace will ruin your appearance.

Women look 100 times more beautiful in sarees! Get your wardrobe updated with our saree collection, which is organized and prepped ‘for you.’ We keep your preferences a priority and hence, we serve the best! Do not wait any more, get into the world of sarees and shop from us!