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Our Team


Sanjay Desai

In a parallel universe, Sanjay is an engineer. In this universe, Sanjay left engineering to build a brand of his own. Three things that can sum up everything about Sanjay are: 1) He is a team player, he loves his team and his team loves him back. 2) Sanjay has wanderlust in his blood, but oh, with music and movies. 3) He loves challenges and has the superpower of converting them into opportunities. On top of that, he can also give practical lessons about planning, organizing, and prioritizing. He might as well make everyone at the office follow them. Important- Sanjay’s childhood wish was to be flexible enough to touch his toes with his hands (the wish is still not fulfilled).


Persistence. Perseverance. Positivity. While these might seem like crazy jargons to some, these are just some qualities that Urvisha possesses. A self-motivator, enthusiast, and straightforward, she is one of a kind woman. She never steps back when it comes to praising and motivating her colleagues. She can teach people how to praise and uplift someone. Urvisha’s world revolves around her family, especially her toddler. Important- If Urvisha is granted a wish, she’d ask for “education for every child”.

Pravin Kumar Singh

General Manager
Pravin would top the list of people who loved being at home during quarantine because he’s the only one. Staying at home is what he specializes in, and oh in website business management, promotional campaign planning, and the list is quite long. A fashion enthusiast, who can be a nerd sometimes loves diving deep into the world of books and movies. Pravin senses things in advance, this isn’t magic, this is just because of his strong intuition backed by his 14 years of experience in the e-commerce sector. He even has this emporium of getting work done by others. It’s his virtue. And this virtue is a result of his love towards his family. His family= everything, to him. Important- Pravin is most likely to forget names and call people by the wrong names.

Pinky Shukla

Human Resources
One-man Army. Oops, “One-woman Army”. Pinky handles everything from interviews to salaries, to solving people’s problems. Also, Pinky loves street food. So, if anyone wants to get anything done, you know what to do. *Wink* But be aware, she will make you walk the path of introspection by using her psychology tricks because if she commits then she doesn’t back off. Important- you can find her having a fun karaoke night with her family after work.

Nitesh Dani

Sr. Merchandiser
The only motto of Nitesh is to earn knowledge about anything and everything. Having a keen mind is his biggest virtue. Nitesh is also a sucker for beaches, sunsets, soulful music, heavenly Rajma rice, and good company (mostly includes his wife and son), but you can join too. Seems like a pretty good deal, right? Just FYI, Nitesh aspired to become a Pilot when he was a kid. Important- There are 99% chances that Nitesh might start playing with your kid/s (if you have any).

Prabhat Nayak

Prabhat is always ready to share his insights with anyone ready to listen. Other prominent qualities of Prabhat includes sleeping and eating. If there is an award for sleep, Prabhat would win them all. And he loves any dish which includes bread(pav) as the main component, for example, pav bhaji, vada pav, and missal pav. If anything, Prabhat is a human version of a Panda, but a Panda who has mastered textile designing. Important- Prabhat always aims for the queen in the game of carom and real life.

Manthan Panchal

Punctuality. Oh, what is that? Manthan can be awarded as of latecomer and he is pretty consistent with that. There is one more thing for which he is consistent is good work. You can find him getting lost amid nature on his bike enjoying his favorite dessert and humming his favorite songs. Can’t guarantee that he sings well, but he enjoys it and that’s what matters. Important- Manthan can hop a whole box of Gulab jamun in one go.

Tejas Patel

Tejas is an inspiration when it comes to sticking to the roots. He doesn’t like to stay in the spotlight, still shines because of his determination and dedication to work. An introvert who likes simple things, homemade food, cricket, and his family. You will always find him plugging earphones, listening to the melodies, and working. Important- He gets nightmares about falling off the mountains, still he loves mountains.

Kartik Patel

Inbounding Executive
Kartik is the king of introverts. His voice is unheard by many and a mystery for some. The only thing which can excite him and bring out a little extrovert that resides in him is cricket. Just like everyone even Sachin is the god of cricket for him. And if he gets Pizza while he is binge-watching cricket is the cherry on the cake for him. After all, Kartik is not “all work and no play.” (literally) Important- Kartik can work the whole day, even without speaking a single word.

Ajay Pandhare

Customer Care Executive.
Ajay has always been determined to park his vehicle in the customer relations field. And guess what, we are ripping the seeds of his interest. Don’t get fooled by his determination. He is one big trouble boy on our team. Always ready to mimic his colleagues, we just hope he doesn’t get a tight slap one day. Fingers crossed. Important- If you want to talk to Ajay, use his lingo and add “bro” after every word.

Rushita Khoyani

Customer Care Executive.
Some wouldn’t believe when they see Rushita that she is an adult, but she seriously is. Rushita is “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka”. Though, she dances her heart out like a kid. You will never see Rushita not tap her feet when the music beat hits. She has been a part of the team from the very beginning and is a master of her work. The reason for her successful career in this field is that she handles the customers like it’s just a piece of cake for her. Important- She started working just after passing the 10th grade.

Seeta Kushwaha

Customer Care Executive.
An introvert-extrovert, Seeta is about all work, no play which makes her a kickass executive. Seeta always, literally always finishes her lunch with the speed of a flash and scrolls through social media. Well, she likes to stay updated. But, only the lucky ones get to hear her jokes, including her desk partner. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Important- Never serve her anything with cashews.

Dency Suchak

Customer Care Executive.
Dency likes to read, write, travel. She likes her own company. Well, why not. She goes to herself when she needs expert advice. She is really firm about stepping out of her comfort zone, that is why she landed here to be a customer care executive. You go Dency! Can’t resist telling you about the thing which Dency likes is attending different courses, there’s so much space in her head to grab all the serious info. Important- Dency talks to herself. If you ever find her looking at you and talking, she’s not talking to you.

Mona Chhabaria

Social Media Associate
Mona has got two wishes. 1) Pizza should be declared a national food and second 2) She wants Rachel’s wardrobe. The second one is quite tough, but Mona can design something like Rachel’s clothes. Oh yes, she is a fashion designer. Being a jack of all trades, she is now our Social Media Associate. She is constantly growing in this field. You can ping her up if you want more giveaways. Important- Her sarcasm is so witty that sometimes people fail to understand it.

Palak Batra

Content Writer
In the former life, Palak was a fashion designer. But in this life, she is a content writer who is obsessed with posing and dressing up. Palak’s liking includes breakfast in bed, movies in bed, and music in bed. Oh, and long drives but that didn’t fit the whole bed theme. Palak’s disliking includes interruption while she is watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and abandoned dogs. There are 1000% chances that she’ll start playing with a dog and make it her best friend. Important- Palak can crack height jokes about herself at any oddly hour. ( Dark humor Is her cup of tea.)

Nikunj Soni

Team Lead Order Processing
When not working, you can see Nikunj either playing table tennis or teasing his wife. The weird thing is that people think that he has a serious personality when in reality he is super jolly. From now, Nikunj is all happening, nobody will think otherwise about him. He manages to keep his sarcasm game on just like he manages a team of 20 workers. Important- Nikunj likes to motivate people around him by putting motivational songs as his ringtone.

Vaishnav Bharat

Sr. Executive - Inventory
If you want a partner to watch rom-coms with, Vaishnav is the one. He can binge them like a pro but on the other side, he loves doing tough-guy things like playing kabaddi. He is that kind of a guy who resists drinks during parties and sticks to soft drinks, so technically he is a Breezer guy of the group. He is a combination of many things which makes him an interesting person for a fun chat. Important- He is most likely to steal your dog, play with it, and return it to you after an hour.

Milan Vekariya

Sr. Executive - Logistics
If you want tips on how to work 18 hours a day, then Milan is the one. His stamina for work is unmatchable. He is the flash of inventory management, literally. He completes his task in the blink of an eye and then pokes his colleagues which seems like a fair thing to do because he is friends with everyone on the team. He also loves spending time with his family which he rarely gets to do. Important- Milan has had burgers from every food joint that serves burgers.

Kamal Singh Kardam

Sr. Creative Photographer
Just like most engineers, Kamal chose a different field to leave a mark of his excellence. Instead of pursuing the world of computers, he stepped into the world of pictures. Now, his capability has reached heights where he is leading a team with ease. This was a short story about Kamal, hope you liked it. Apart from that, he is a kid at heart, he loves playing and dancing with his kids. Important- Kamal can sing anytime, anywhere. (Especially old Bollywood jams)

Abhishek Sharma

Sr. Creative Photographer
An eligible bachelor, Abhishek has “Safarnama” in his veins. Travelling and photography go hand in hand for him. He needs the inspiration to create art and he gets that when he walks by the beautiful terrains and explores new cultures. The liking does not end here, he has a strong affinity for paintings, wall art, graffiti, and artistic stuff like that. Important- You can spot Abhishek playing video games after work.

Abhishek Kholiya

Photographer and Editor
Abhishek cannot live without the love of his life- Photography (we did not say, lady love). Photography for Abhishek is as important as air. Keeping Abhishek happy is just a piece of cake(literally). There are only two things- Keep him hooked and booked with photography while some good food is stuffed in his mouth. He is the one person, who is blessed by the almighty for not gaining weight even after eating like a baby elephant. Important- Abhishek has got the power to make anyone laugh, he is not a joker though.

Mahesh Bhosle

Assistant Photographer
Mahesh has shown tremendous growth after joining the company. He has not always been a fan of photography but he landed at the right place at the right time. Talking of landing places, Mahesh loves to land in Mumbai pretty often and enjoy the classic beaches there. Important- He has a crazy obsession with Pav-Bhaji.

Chetan Prakash

Assistant Photographer & Artist
Art is what Chetan lives for. He sleeps artistically, walks artistically, eats artistically, and works artistically. His hobby, passion profession is art. He can live without food and water, but cannot without his painting brushes. Important- He does not dress like those funky, quirky artists. He is quite sober.
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